Retro Vibes

$1,498.00 USD


This vintage Azilal is approximately 50 years old and features such a stunning rare mix of color. It's unusual to find a rug from this tribe with a colorful background (usually the base is a cream color of natural un-dyed wool), so the red paired with turquoise is such a treat!

The pattern and color combo on this rug is just so carefree and fun! And it's size being smaller and almost square sets it apart from the rest. Hand selected in Morocco, this rug is a true work of art that has been passed down for generations.

COLORS/MATERIALS: red with turquoise/emerald, grayish lack, cream, and slightest hints of yellow.  hand woven wool.

ESTIMATED AGE: Vintage - approximately 40-50 years old

SIZE: 55 x 68" (rug is slightly uneven)

PILE:  medium pile

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a handmade item, there may be slight imperfections in weaving, pattern, or shape. Please note all vintage items have endured a previous life and so may have slight wear and repairs.