Queen B

$1,698.00 USD


Boujaad rugs are from the Middle Atlas region and are known for their interesting and asymmetrical patterns. I basically named this vintage beauty after Beyonce, because legit, this rug is the queen. The motifs symbolize feminine power and strength. A complete showstopper, it has an interesting center diamond pattern and lovely contrasting purple and peach colors. This rug will go in special space where it can be a lovely focal point. Hand selected in Morocco, this is a one of a kind treasure that is not for the meek or mild.


Each vintage Moroccan rug is hand woven and knotted by Berber women of the tribal region specified. This level of craftsmanship can take weeks or months to complete a single rug. Weaving techniques have been passed down through the generations. The patterns, designs, and colors in each rug vary with each rug, weaver, and tribe – so each piece is truly a unique work of art and 2 pieces will never be the same. Often these rugs have been handed down through the families who created them, and have been uncovered from the mountain and rural areas of Morocco.

COLORS/MATERIALS:  Varying faded purple tones with light pink/peach, soft gray, and cream accents. Black detailing. Hand woven wool, natural dyes.

ESTIMATED AGE: Vintage - approximately 30-40 years old

SIZE: 68" x160"

PILE:  Medium pile

CONDITION: **Please note this rug was slightly damaged in transit and arrived with a slight tear in it. Although it is not detectable from the front, you can see it on the back. Some thread has been ran through it to secure the tear, and have lowered the price about $300 for the future owner to have repaired if they so desire. Please see the picture.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a handmade item, there may be slight imperfections in weaving, pattern, or shape. Please note all vintage items have endured a previous life and so may have slight wear and repairs. Some holes or wear spots have not been repaired to preserve the character and integrity of the piece.