Harris Green Sandals

$178.00 USD


Designed and handmade in Marrakech, Morocco. Handcrafted with genuine leather fabric, a leather strap with dark blue embroidery and a black leather sole.


LRNCE is a Marrakesh-based lifestyle brand with a focus on handmade ceramics, textiles, ready to wear, and more. Founded in 2013 by Belgian Laurence Leenaert, the brand aims to create one of a kind pieces that use local materials and stay close to the essence of Moroccan craftsmanship, while empowering the community and creating strong bonds with the artisans and culture.

MATERIALS:  Genuine cow leather

CLEANING & CARE:  Avoid contact with water or wet materials, such as rain and mud. Keep the surface clean and dry with a soft, dry cloth, or use a leather conditioner to clean deeper stains. A leather protector spray may also be used to protect the sandals. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please note that colors may vary slightly. Handmade in Marrakech, Morocco