Here at Drift, our mission is to change the home decor industry one rug at a time.

  • We are constantly on the hunt for unique and handmade.  Our commitment to you is to travel the world and bring these items to you. Each item is special in its own way.

  • It’s time to get back to the craft. In a world of mass production, our ultimate goal is to embrace the craftsmanship of true artisans. Choosing handmade over machine made insures that your product will truly be one of a kind.

  • Let’s tell the story. Each item has a story. Drift works with the locals in the country of origin to dig deep into when, where, why, and how each item was made. We believe the story is everything.

  • Our products have stood the tests of time.  Many of the items you see have lived a life prior to the one they will have in your home. The techniques used by artisans are time tested and often times passed down through generations. By curating a collection with durable and timeless items, they will enjoy many years in their future life.

  • We support local and small business. As a small business, we understand the time energy and effort put forth by individuals to pursue something they love and believe in.  We make community involvement a priority, and also take the time to learn about the communities and individuals who make the products we sell.

  • It is our job to give back to the world. With each purchase made, a donation will be made to an organization in that product’s purchased origin. We must share with those who have shared so much with us.